6/25 Blog - Durant / Trump

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6/25 Blog - Durant / Trump

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:47 pm

Kevin Durant will sign with the Warriors. And the Knicks still won't make the playoffs next year, even with Derrick Rose. Sort of interesting [22-6, 66(12), 12(57), 57(35,44-8), 46(10)]. [23(10)22(6-6)35(8)]. [43(18)37(6-14)(86)]. [46(20)44(6-16)35(88)]. [52(25)58(6-20)(884)]. [69(30)66(6-26)35(888)]. Cleveland got it done. Flight 77(9:37). [77(14)]. Warriors 73-9. 73[10]. Game 7:[93-89]. [9:11,46(10),50,21,23,33,28,26,37(10)].

Also, I think that Donald Trump is deliberately tanking the election. Deep down I don't believe that he wants it that badly. I think he likes his life the way it is and being President would interfere with his businesses. Hillary will win.


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