6/30 Blog - Numbers, life changes, etc

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6/30 Blog - Numbers, life changes, etc

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:44 pm

The June numbers morphed slightly, and a new sequence is on the horizon.  June 30th, 3:56 PM, 75 E Evan Street.  56(11).  

A picture is being painted, numbers are linked to other numbers and eventually it all starts to come together.  July should be exciting.  Flight 77(9:37). [77(14)].  Warriors 73-9.  73(10).  Some other connections I've noticed [77(49)].  [49(13)].  TB 145, October 31st (T=20, 145=10, 23 Minutes Flight 7K9268).  WT1190F, November 13th. (W=23,T=20).  and the 31/13 connection between both of those dates. After reviewing all of this, I've learned that there is a way to track what might be coming by following a trail of bread crumbs, only the bread crumbs are numbers that link together.  Each number links to another number that you need to analyze.  We're still finding our way, the journey isn't over. You have to break the numbers down. [9:11,46(10),50,21,23,33,28,26,37(10)]. Going back months, even years, I've discovered connections between almost every number that resulted from every major event.  The picture is starting to come into focus.  13 is linked to 20, and 19 is linked to 13, and so forth.  It's like the synapses of the human mind, all these different intricate connections.  There are so many connections it can make your head spin, it's unfolding.


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