7/4 Blog - Tennis / Clinton / July

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7/4 Blog - Tennis / Clinton / July

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:47 am

(Updates) July is a fun month. Politics heating up. Trump might pick the Governor of Indiana or one of those states as his running mate. I don't think that will help him, he needs diversity on his ticket to beat Hillary Clinton. Trump doesn't want to win the election anyway. He had fun running for President but he doesn't want to be President. It's too time consuming. Djokovic is out of Wimbledon and I think Federer might win the tournament, and if he does it will be the last tournament win of his career and then he can retire soon. (Some information I left out originally so I could include it when the timing was right). I continue to encounter the number 11, often as an ordinary 11, but sometimes represented by other numbers such as 47 and 74 and 56, with 56 being used to represent a 30 and an 11, with the 11 connected back to the number 9, and 9 connected to 30, like a tug of war between 11 and 9 (they are inexorably linked, 11 and 9 are always fighting with each other. Eventually, they’ll work out their differences and come to a decision). And the clocks recently froze with a 4:22 and a 4:24 with an almost simultaneous, separate connection to the number 7, so now this sequence moves forward, 7/4(11). 4 affected. Back to basics. [22-5, 57(12), 57(35,44-8)]. Interesting sequence. [23(10)22(7-5)35(8)]. (A little more information that I didn’t get the chance to expound upon previously, I’ve known this for a long time but the timing is right to include it now and then at a later time there will be a more detailed explanation). Fairly simple stuff. 8(35/44). 78(15). 15(555). It all comes together. And 10 is crucial. Warriors 73-9. Flight 77(9:37). Recent world events, 7/1(21:20/9:20/11:20/13). Continued well into 7/2. Also 7/3(10). (14/77). (Updates 7/8) I had received 2714 in a powerful way approximately 2 months ago so I knew that the 27 in 7:27 was not only 79/97, but also represented 14. Also received 6823 (14/23) this afternoon. 7:27 has the 14 connection to go along with the 79/97 connection. Also received confirmation a short time ago that 8 is still looming large because of its connections. Received an 8 with 13, and a 7 with 13, always connected with the all important 12. Last year: 7/8 (NYSE, 3:38, 3:10, 11:09, 11:32). The numbers there (8, 33, and 13 and 10 [3:10], the tug of war between 9 and 11). Received 7.29 and 8.29 as well. 29(11). 11.13. 11.22. 12.22. And the 15 connection. Then back around to the 13 I received with the 8, the 13 I received with the 7, and the 78(15). The 8, the 11, the 13 and 10, the tug of war between 9 and 11, and the 78(15). It’s like a circle, around and around.  Lafayette (79/97/7:10) holds the key, and the number 22 has the final say.  And everything is connected to 8 and 12. We know what 12 represents. 7/8 has a lot to say about a lot of things. (7/8 Update concluded). I recently noticed the numbers 7.44 and 6.44, which gave me 76(13), and 44(8), which reminded me of the connection between those numbers and the trident. MH370. M(13)+H(8)=21. 7 and 9 are connected (79/97). Lafayette, Louisiana (7:27-79/97). 21,33. 12 people affected. Birth date 11-22. Age 59(14). Address 3141(14,13). TB145. 145(10). 145(14,[5]23). The raffle ticket 4486664 and the numbers there 86(14) and 66(12) and 444(12). Aurora 7-20 (the address 14300, and the number 12). It's a substantial list of numbers but the point is simple. There's a link between all the numbers and 22. If a number is linked to 22, follow that number and see what it links to, then follow the links to that subsequent number, and so on. And there's an answer within each sequence. Still unfolding. [9:11,46(10),50,21,23,33,28,26,37(10)]


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