Harden - Nice day today

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Harden - Nice day today

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 10, 2016 10:00 pm

(Post updated regularly with more info). Nice day today. Got some fresh air. James Harden signing for that much money is nuts. Not too hot, temperature was just right today. Still think Trump is going to lose this one. Went for a walk to Crestwood Lake here in town, they have a really nice 9:11 memorial here, it’s one of the nicest ones I’ve seen. I haven’t been to that memorial in a long time, I was about 33 years old when they put it up, it’s got a list of names with a piece of the towers there. Went out to eat at a fancy restaurant, left a large tip, 28 bucks. 26 dollars for a steak. I hate work, I’d like to sit around the house all day and stare at the wall. I’d like to either stare at the wall all day, or manage a hedge fund.  [7/7(14),5(23),DOB 7/2,8:58-2:30,58(13),8(53)]. 13(4). Important numbers carried forward.  Warriors 73-9.  77(9:37,9/11). 77(14). Recently: 7/1-7/2(21:20/9:20/11:20/13). 7/1(8). 7/2(9). 13(4). 1-2(12). 7/3(10). 7/4(11). 7/4(4 affected). 4(13). 79/97(7:27). Additionally, 9(45). 8(53). 6(33). 5(23). 4(13). And vice versa.  Relevant connections/examples. 6/17/2015(6+17[23],2015[8]). 9 affected. 9(45). 5(23).  10/1/2015(Oregon). 10/1(El Faro). 10/1/10/1(4). 4(13). Oregon(10). El Faro(33,28,5).  Brussels(3/22). 22(4).  35(8). 48. 8(53).  4(13).  MS804(84). 4(13). And Vice Versa. 8(53).  6/12(50,53,2:22[6]).  Ataturk(45,48 total,22:00).  Repitition to provide clarity.  Numbers unfolding.  Helps with interpreting the tables and understanding sequences.  Sequence carried forward here. [22-5, 57(12), 57(35,44-8)]. [23(10)22(7-5)35(8)]. Also carried forward  [9:11,46(10),50,21,23,33,28,26,37(10)]


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